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young man with braces smilingTADs are bio-compatible titanium alloy mini-screws which are inserted into specific places in the mouth to be used as a fixed point from which teeth can be moved. Before use of TADs in orthodontics, orthodontists who wanted to move some teeth while keeping others still, had to rely on devices like headgears and facemasks. TADs provide orthodontists with an option to move teeth without use of such appliances and provide a fixed point from which to apply a force to move teeth. They can be placed in many different sites within the mouth. TADs as part of orthodontic treatment have generally proved to be safe and predictable. They can be removed anytime by the orthodontist. TADs have also allowed orthodontist to treat more patients without need for orthognathic surgery. Many of the challenging open-bite malocclusions are now easily treated with TADS without the need for surgery.

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Dr. Mason has extensive experience in the use of TADs and correction of severe malocclusions without surgery. Below are some patients treated by him without surgical intervention.

Class III / Underbite Correction Case

Adult patient with severe underbite and skeletal class III, patient was treated non-surgically using multiple TADS.

case 1 underbite

case 2 underbite

case 3 underbite

case 4 underbite

Cant Correction Case

Adult patient with a cant in maxilla (uneven gingiva) due to skeletal asymmetry. Patient did not want to have jaw surgery but wanted to improve his smile. TADS were used to mask the skeletal asymmetry.

uneven gingiva case 1

uneven gingiva case 2

uneven gingiva case 3

Molar Protraction Case

Adult patient with missing mandibular first molars. TADS were used to protract (pull forward) the 2nd and 3rd molars (wisdom teeth). Patient was saved from getting implants for the missing teeth.

TADS case 1

TADS case 2

TADs Used As Anchors

Adult patient with extraction of premolars. TADS were used instead of headgear to help with anchorage management and space closure.

TADS anchors case 1

TADs Used To Guide Impacted Canines

Adult patient impacted tooth in the palate. TAD in palate was used to guide the canine into the arch.

impacted canines case

TADs Used to Open Maxillary Suture in Older Patients

Adults patients presented with narrow maxilla and crossbite. TAD-supported expanders were used to open the maxillary suture instead of surgical procedure.

crossbite case 1

crossbite case 2

TADs Used to Correct Openbite Malocclusion Non-Surgically

Teenage patient with openbite malocclusion. 2 TADs were used to close the bite.

openbite case

Adult patient with severe openbite. Patient requested TO ONLY HAVE THE BITE IMPROVED and did not want full comprehensive treatment. Limited braces were bonded.

bite improvement case 1

bite improvement case 2

bite improvement case 3

Adult patient presented for retreatment. Patient could only chew on 2 teeth on each side. TADS and Invisalign System were used to close the bite.

invisalign case 1

invisalign case 2

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