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Advanced Dental Technology in Columbus, OH

Polaris Orthodontic Center offers state-of-the art technologies to make your experience more comfortable. Some of the old orthodontic techniques are obsolete nowadays and advances in technology have made orthodontic treatment more comfortable and more efficient.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays offer several valuable benefits over the traditional film X-rays. There’s no chemical darkroom process and no tedious waiting to worry about – instead, the high-resolution images of your teeth are instantly transferred and available for viewing on our computer system. Enhancing options (such as color-coding and magnification) are available as well, which makes even the smallest changes to your dental structure easy to detect. Radiation exposure is also greatly reduced with digital radiographs compared to the traditional film radiography.

Digital Impressions

At Polaris Orthodontic Center, we have left the days of “goopy” impression materials in the past. Dr. Mason has invested in revolutionary digital Impression technology that allows for creation of comprehensive, three-dimensional model of the patient’s smile for orthodontic treatment planning. Our 3D printer can even create these models for doctor and patient use right here in the office!




Digital Impressions have the following benefits over traditional molds:




For more information, view our ITero Element brochure by clicking here.

3D Printer

At Polaris Orthodontic Center we have the unique ability to take your digital impressions, and print out a full mouth 3D model of your teeth in the office with our 3D printer. This cutting-edge technology allows our office to print accurate models of patient’s teeth and fabricate retainers and other orthodontic appliances. This advanced technology cuts down on the time to fabricate appliances allowing patients the ability to receive their orthodontic treatment as quickly as possible.


Soft Tissue Laser

During your orthodontic treatment, your gingival tissues (gums) may get inflamed and gum tissues may grow over your teeth. Soft tissue diode laser is used to perform comfortable recontouring of the gum tissues. Soft tissue laser ablation is a comfortable procedure without bleeding and minimal swelling.




Laser gingival recontouring and frenectomy performed. Patient showed excellent healing at 4 weeks.

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