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Invisalign Teen Treatment in Columbus

young patient holding invisalignInvisalign is an excellent orthodontic treatment for teenagers as well as adults. The clear aligners are conveniently removable, subtle in appearance, and comfortable to wear. The only significant difference between traditional Invisalign and Invisalign® Teen is that Six free replacement aligners are available in the case that some are damaged or lost by the teen patient. At Polaris Orthodontic Center, we treat 50% of our teen patients with Invisalign Teen product. Invisalign Teen is:


Made For Teens

Your teen is unique. Their treatment should be, too. That’s why Invisalign® clear aligners use the most advanced technology to uniquely design a treatment around your teen to reveal their best smile. Plus, your teen is 2x more likely to have higher self-esteem throughout treatment when compared to braces, giving them a better overall experience.

Proven Effective

In the hands of an experienced orthodontist, Invisalign clear aligners can be used to treat simple to complex teeth straightening cases on teens.

Better Hygiene

Invisalign teen patients have much better hygiene compared to teen patients in braces and do not develop white spot lesions.

Less Painful than Braces

Your teen can continue to enjoy the things they love, from their favorite foods to sports, all with less pain than braces. Throughout treatment, neither of you have to worry about injuries from wires or brackets, as well as unexpected trips to the doctor because of broken ones.

Less Time Out of School

Invisalign Teen patients require less frequent visits to the office compared to teen patients in braces. Appointment times are generally shorter as well.

What are the benefits of choosing Invisalign?


What are Invisalign Treatment Requirements?

Understanding the Cost of Invisalign Teen

Teen girl in white shirt holding two Invisalign Teen aligners

The cost of Invisalign Teen in Columbus varies from case to case. When you visit Dr. Mason for a consultation , our team will be able to provide a price estimate. We can also assist you as you explore payment options, such as insurance and financing. We want your family to be able to afford this effective and discreet treatment!

Factors that Affect the Cost of Invisalign Teen

Top-view illustration of teen that could benefit from Invisalign

The price of Invisalign Teen in Columbus is influenced by several factors, including:

  • The severity of a patient’s dental misalignment. Logically, more severe cases take more time and effort to correct, leading to higher fees. Some cases may also require additional accessories, which can affect price as well.
  • Whether aligners are needed for one dental arch or both. Often, correcting misalignment of either the upper or lower teeth costs less than full-mouth treatment.
  • Compliance with treatment. If your teen makes some mistakes with their treatment, it could delay their results and incur a slightly higher overall cost.

Invisalign Teen vs. Mail-Order Clear Aligners: Which Is the Better Value?

Two clear aligners arranged against orange background

You have probably seen advertisements for mail-order clear aligners. These systems may seem appealing because their overall price is often around $2,000, meaning that they cost significantly less than Invisalign Teen, which can cost up to $8,000 for complex cases. Before you make any decisions about which treatment to pursue, however, you should think about what you are getting for your money.

With Invisalign Teen at Polaris Orthodontic Center, your teenager gets the in-person support of a board-certified orthodontist. The aligners are designed to be as thin, comfortable, and effective as possible. They also have compliance dots so you can monitor your teen’s progress with the treatment.

With mail-order clear aligners, it might be challenging to get support if you run into any problems. Plus, the aligners may be made out of basic plastic, rather than Invisalign’s patented SmartTrack material. They usually do not have compliance dots or anything similar. Moreover, many patients who use mail-order clear aligners find themselves dissatisfied with their final results.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign Teen?

“Dental Plan” written on wooden blocks, sitting on tabletop

Some dental insurance policies include orthodontic coverage for minors, so there is a chance that your plan will cover at least a portion of the cost of your teen’s treatment. In fact, it might reduce your out-of-pocket expense by hundreds of dollars or more. Our team will help you as you navigate your coverage. We can also assist you as you file your claims. We want it to be as easy as possible for you to use your benefits.

Options for Making Invisalign Teen Affordable

Happy teen boy, glad his family could afford Invisalign Teen

In addition to assisting you with insurance, we also offer convenient financing through CareCredit, a third-party lender. The application process is fast, and most families are eligible for credit. You may be able to choose from between several different monthly payment amounts, according to what works best for your monthly budget. Even better, many CareCredit payment plans are interest-free.

We are ready to help your teen achieve a healthier, more confident smile! To learn more about Invisalign Teen and its price, get in touch to request a consultation. We look forward to serving you.


Invisalign Teen Case

Patient did not want any metal braces, crowded upper and lower arches, increased overbite and overjet.

before teen invisalign

Treatment: Patient was treated by Invisalign Teen system.

after teen invisalign

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