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Clear Braces Treatment in Columbus

example of clear bracesThanks to clear, ceramic braces, patients have a great aesthetic alternative to metal braces. Clear braces use brackets and wires, the way metal braces do, however the brackets are made up of clear ceramic so that they blend in with your teeth. As a result, patients with clear braces don't have to be embarrassed of their teeth.

Things to Know About Clear Braces:

During your consultation with Dr. Mason, you can get more information regarding clear braces to see if they are a good option for you.

Clear Braces Case

Adult patient with upper/lower crowding, missing multiple teeth, Patient planned to get implants in the lower arch. Patient was treated with Damon Clear system.

clear braces before


during clear braces


after clear braces

Clear Braces FAQs

Clear braces are a type of orthodontic braces used mostly on adults. However, before you schedule your orthodontic consultation, you may want to learn more about clear braces. That is why we have compiled the following list of frequently asked questions. If you do not see the information you were hoping for, please reach out to us directly. We will be happy to speak to you!

What Are the Benefits of Clear Braces?

The most obvious benefit of clear braces is their subtle appearance. However, they offer additional advantages as well, including:

Am I a Candidate for Clear Braces?

In general, clear braces in Columbus are great for individuals with mild to moderate dental misalignment. More severe cases may require metal braces. Also, children are not usually candidates for this treatment because clear braces are slightly less durable than metal braces, and young children may not take all necessary precautions to keep their braces in good shape.

How Do Clear Braces Compare to Other Discreet Orthodontic Treatment Options?

Clear braces, clear aligners, and lingual braces are all wonderful and discreet options for straightening teeth. They can all produce fantastic results. However, each treatment has its own unique pros and cons. For example, while clear braces are very subtle, they are more noticeable than lingual braces, which get placed on the backs of teeth. Also, clear braces are not removable like clear aligners. Some patients view this is a pro, while others view it as a con.

What if I Encounter a Problem with My Clear Braces?

Your orthodontist in Columbus will coach you on how to care properly for your clear braces. However, we understand that mishaps happen, and we are always ready to help you out. Just give us a call if you have any questions or concerns. If you require emergency orthodontic care, we will make room in our schedule to attend to you as soon as possible.

How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost?

On average, ceramic braces cost a bit more than traditional metal braces. However, many patients find that their aesthetic benefits are well worth the price. If your dental insurance covers orthodontics, it can likely be used for clear braces. Our team will also be happy to help you explore financing options.

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